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Make your life as a source of pleasure (1): Styles of thousands of bottles

Today we look at one of the most frequently product packaging we came across in life - bottles.

Pepsi recently invited famous designer Karim Rashid to create a top bottle design commonly found in bar. This model which has been recently presented in Milan Design Week shows a total different texture than in the past, and the accessories are also designed by Karim Rashid, this special has its own opener and ice bucket.


In fact, bottle-packaged products are numerous, but more luxurious brands often choose to use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles - from wine to olive oil, it is clear that glass has become a symbol of them. In addition to its delightful nature, the pattern printed on it will also complement with the content to create a new kind of visual effects.

This series consists of beer bottles designed by students from Iceland d. Unlike the usual rough image, it looks fully modern.


Image:Inspiration Lab

Mount Franklin, a limited edition of Coca-Cola sparkling water designed by company Creative Platform and fashion designer Akira Isegawa cooperation is specifically for fine dining use. It adds a water bird watercolor pattern on it bringing pure feelings.

Image:Creative Blog

Designed by designer Joanna Copperman, a super cute beer bottle.

Image:Oh Beautiful Beer

Beer bottle designed by Spanish designer Txaber, its creativity comes with its use of Pantone color code with the corresponding color of the beer

Image:the Dieline

These beautifully designed bottles are just so modern which is good for personal use or as gifts. Other than recycling, they might be kept for better interior design, like Finland bloggers Home Via Laura use perfume bottles to become stylish vase.

Image:Home Via Laura

They are also a good helper in the backyard for small open-air party:


Home layout guru Martha Stewart loves decorated using bottle.

Image:Martha Stewart

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